International Round Table “THE POTENTIAL AND THE RESOURCES OF THE BALINT SUPERVISION”on July 4th, 2020 at 12:00 PM Moscow time (UTC+3)at the ZOOM platform.

Enter Zoom-Conferencehttps://inpsycho.zoom.us/j/92376565845?pwd=M3RTMEltaExOc0pBQVdkSWJZc2FmUT09   conference id: 923 7656 5845password: 979339  

The Chairman of the International Round Table:     Dr. Med, Dr. Phil. Guido FLATTEN – Vice-President of the International Balint Federation,

Chairman of The German Balint Society

            Two panel sessions will take place:

1.    THE ONLINE BALINT GROUP: the specifics, limitations, new opportunities

ModeratorDr. of Medical Sciences, Professor Bohdan Wasilewski
PhD in Biological Sciences, Assoc.Professor Nikolai Klepikov                

2.    THE POTENTIAL OF BALINT SUPERVISION IN THE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPECIALISTS OF HELPING PROFESSIONS                                Moderators: Dr. of Medical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Vinokur
Balint group Leader Tatiana Tishkova

The International Round Table will be held in Russian and in English with subsequent translation.

 Dear colleagues,                                                                                                                             

We invite you to share your experience and take part in the discussions!

The time limit for presentations: 7-10 minutes.

The following presentations will take place at the first panel session:

·         “The opportunities and perspectives of online work. Comparative analysis of working with the offline/online group and online group”.  After a short presentation, two participants from both groups will share their impressions of working in BG online.

Elena Ivanova – Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Accredited Balint Leader, Russian Balint Society (Russia,Moscow)

·         “Warming up groups to use the Balint Method”.  In this very brief presentation the author will share how she use some creative exercises to get group members more in touch with their & their patient’s unconscious material.

Amelia Lyons — Group Analyst and Accredited Balint Leader (United Kingdom, Newport)


  1. Simon Henshall   —   United Kingdom, Manchester                                                                                   

                                GP Principal Balint Group Leader                        

  1. Adam Jaffa  —   Northern Ireland, Belfast     
  1. Alyson Lee  —   United Kingdom

                                   Dr, Consultant Psychiatrist MCRN 19225 Kildare/West   

                                   Wicklow Mental Health Service      

  1. Amelia Lyons —   United Kingdom, Newport                                                                             

                                      Group Analyst and Accredited Balint Leader                                                                                 

  1. Amos Ritter —   Israel,  Haifa                                            

                                   Family Physician and psychotherapist, BG Leader 

  1. Anna Rudecka  —  Poland, Warsaw

                                       Psychotherapist, BG Leader, Polish Balint Society, 

  1. Beatriz Flores  —  Brasil,  Rio de Janeiro

                                      Family Physician Member of Abrabalint                                   

  1. Bohdan Wasilewski – Poland, Warsaw,

                                    Dr.med, professor, psychotherapist, 

                                    BG Leader and Supervisor, the Founder of Polish             

                                    Balint Society                

  1. Brady               Northern Ireland                                                                                                                                     

                                   accredited Balint Leader wife of Patsy Brady            

  1. Guido Flatten  — Germany, Aachen,

                                    Vice-President of IBF, Dr.med, Dr,phil.,  

                                    Chairman of German Balint Society

  1. Ireneusz Kaflik – Poland, Chestohowa, 

                                       Dr. rer. nat., clinical psychologist, psychotherapist,                                

                                       BG Leader and Supervisor of Polish Balint Society

  1. Jolanta Jocz    —  Poland, Krakow 

                                     Balint Leader since 2008        

  1. Linda Mary Edwards  — United Kingdom, Convy

                                                Group Analytic, Jungian Analytic, BG Leader         

  1. Maria O’Kane   —  Northern Ireland, Belfast                                                                                                                                     

                             BG Leader, a consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy and 

                            general adult psychiatry & a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.                      

  1. Patsy Brady     —  Northern Ireland

                           an approved Balint Leader ans Supervisor                      

  1. Peter Merz  —  Germany
  1. Prue Bonifant  —  Australia,

                                     Member of the Board of the Balint Society of Australia                                            

                                      and New Zealand Board, an accredited Balint Leader

  1. Rosa Sapic  — Serbia, Belgrad

                                President of Serbian Balint Society, BG Leader                        

  1. Rudolf Kost —  Germany, Ludwigsburg

            Dr.med,  BG Leader, German Balint Society

  1. Verena Osterheld   — Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main,

                                            Family Doctor, BG Leader

  1. Oga Utsenuk  — Ukrain, Chernovtsy

                                   PhD, psychiatrist, BG Leader

  1. Maria Gudyma  –    Ukrain, Chernovtsy

                                Clinical psychologist, BG Leader

  1. Ayana Azerbaeva    — Kazahstan,

                             Psychologist-consultant, BG participant

  1. Veronika Kashina   — Russia, Moscow

                                            Psychonynamic psychotherapist, BG participant

  1. Vladimir Vinokur – Russia, St-Petersbourg,                                                                          

                                            Dr.med, professor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist,

                                            BG Leader and Supervisor                                                                              

                                            President of  Balint Association (Russia)

  1. Elena Ivanova    – Russia, Moscow,

                                        Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, BG Leader,                

  1. Karina Kumahova  — Russia, Nalchik

                                            Psychologist-consultant, BG participant

  1. Karina Popova  —      Russia, Bryansk

                                           Psychologist-consultant, BG participant

  1. Irina Kumsiashvili – Russia, Moscow

                                            Psychologist-consultant, BG participant

  1. Angelika Chekalina – Russia, Moscow

                                              Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, BG Leader

  1. Irina Shtefan  — Russia, Moscow Region,

                                   Psychotherapist, BG participant

  1. Naile Dzuba  —  Russia, Moscow Region,

                                    Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, BG Leader

  1. Natalia Statsenko    —  Russia, Moscow

                                             Group Analyst, BG participant

  1. Nikolai Eshtokin    — Russia, Rostov-na-Donu

                                           Group Analyst, BG Leader

  1. Nikolai Klepikov   — Russia, Moscow

                                           Psychoanalytic psychotherapist,

                                           PhD, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, BG Leader

                                           President of Russian Balint Society

  1. Саида Ахмедова – Russia, Dagestan, Mahachkala

                                 BG participant, an existential-humanistic psychotherapist,                  

                                 works at the Lyceum for gifted children

  1. Serguei Kolov — Russia, Moscow, Volgograd

                                D.med., psychiatrist, psychotherapist, BG Leader

  1. Anastasia Ostapenko – Russia, Moscow, Volgograd

                                PhD, clinical psychologist, BG Leader

  1. Tatiana Tishkova – Russia, Moscow,

                                  Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, BG Leader

  1. Karine Matveeva – Russia, Moscow

 Group Analist, BG participant

  1. Ekaterina Sheibe – Russia, Moscow

                                Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, BG participant

  1. Irina Kotelnikova – Russia