Are you interested in joining a new, online Balint group?

The Balint Society is delighted that another group will be starting
soon, led by GP Dr Andrew Wilson and psychotherapist / psychiatrist Dr
Alison Summers.   It will be from 7pm to 8.30pm on the third Wednesday
each month, initially for six months and hopefully continuing beyond. 
The group size is likely to be 8-10 members plus leaders. The cost will
be £20 per session per person.

If you would like further information or to be considered for this
group, please email  or  Andrew or Alison will then make contact and
if you wish to take this further will arrange a short online
conversation to ensure that the group is an appropriate forum for you.

Kind regards,Joanne Etches/
Balint Society Administrator
T:  +44 7912 117015