Отчет СПб балинтовского общества в Международную Балинтовскую Федерацию за 2010 год

Report from the St. Petersburg Balint Society (Russia) for 2010

During the last year the principal activity of the Society was aimed at supporting of the ongoing Balint groups and stimulating the development of new ones in St.Petersburg
and in other regions of the country, primarily in the Medical Academy for postgraduate studies and other educational institutions in St.Petersburg.
Balint groups are implemented now into the educational curriculum in at least four educational departments of our Academy and in the Institute of Psychoanalysis.

The Society took an active part in the organizing and providing the regular psychosomatic congresses and conferences as well as training courses provided in St.Petersburg
for physicians and medical psychologists from different regions of the country. The annual all-Russian congress for psychotherapists held every March in St.Petersburg
traditionally includes Balint work-shop and presentations in the program.

During last year the Society presented four papers on Balint work topics in Russian professional journals related to psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychological counceling issues.
The Society also organized regular supervision work-shops in the Institute of Psychoanalysis, in the Bekhterev Psychoneurological Institute and other professional organizations.

Prof.  Vladimir Vinokur,